Our Services

our services

We provide the complete construction of the following services organized under flexible visitations and convenient work scheduled time frames according to the preferences of the client base.

Architectural Drawings

With the assistance of our highly skilled architects, we are confident to bring forth the precisely detailed technical drawings for the initiation of any construction projects depending on the intent requirement.


Structural Drawings

Our experts provide a complete construction drawing enabling the client to get a clear idea about the complete view of the structure or structures involved in the building project.

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3D Drawings

We are confidently capable of delivering a professionally processed detailed mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional of the building upon request of the client.


Interior Designing

We are specialized in converting spaces functional, safe and appealingly attractive by accurate determination of space requirements and careful selection of essentials. “The Pile Labs (Pvt) Ltd interior designers are gifted with a creative eye and extremely talented in trend identification, sketching ability and updated IT knowledge along with effective communication.


Bill Of Quantities Documentation (BoQs)

The bill of quantities documents are professionally constructed by our trusted cost consultants; quantity surveyors that provide project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

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Our construction services are island wide available with a flexible and highly trained team dedicated to contributing their creative essence of the best and hard work for the clients.

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Flooring Solutions

Our highly skilled flooring experts are here to assist you to achieve the long-lasting high-quality selection of flooring of your dreams. Any type of flooring of your requirement is given full priority with dedicated attentiveness with a promising after sale service.

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Partitioning Solutions

We have mastered the ancient art of “Fractionating” along with a wide range of partitioning solutions for your unique space to offer more life and elegance. All kinds of partitioning options are facilitated under a diverse variety of choices to suit your desires of all time.


Aluminum and Steel Fabrication Solutions

We are thrilled to inform you about the non-corrosive, light weight, durable, non-sparking, strong and non-magnetic variety of fabrications that are available together with a quality production of steel work with a promising finish and any type of service depending on the client requirements.


Wooden solutions

We have an exclusive range of world-class rustic and modern designs of all types of custom made Dining tables, Sofa designs, Kitchen pantries and Bedroom Sets and many more to suit your long-awaited cravings to add a classic colour of extravagance to your residence and corporate space depending on the requirements.


Office Furniture

Our diverse selection of office furniture is comprised of all the kinds and products can be ordered in any modernized design with a wide range of color combinations according to your preferences with guaranteed post-manufacturing service.


Let's build Together the Place You Deserve

Join hands with us to live and witness a magical construction of exquisite luxury spaces of your dreams.